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Business - Economic Development
Looking for assistance in business development, expansion, utilization of low interest loans or special economic development zones? Contact the appropriate entity listed below:
Greenville-Reynolds Development Corporation
 The purpose of the Greenville-Reynolds Development Corporation shall be
  • To promote the social and civic welfare of the communities located in the Greenville-Reynolds area trading district;
  • To seek and locate businesses and industries of any kind within this district;
  • To assist and encourage the stabilization, expansion and/or the retention of existing businesses and industries within this district;
  • To receive, hold and expend monies, properties or services necessary to facilitate the above-stated purposes;
  • To perform all other services or activities for any reason incidental to any of the foregoing purposes including the management of the assets of the present Greenville-Reynolds Development;
  • To cause to be operated  and maintained, the Reynolds-Disposal Company and the Reynolds Water Company are suitable condition to meet all Public Utility Commission, Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency requirements and to service the industrial and residential customers within their respective area;
  • To develop and dispose of land for industrial, commercial, residential, civic and social purposes.
Greenville-Reynolds is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to serve the immediate region in the manufacturing/industrial and warehousing market from providing building facilities, sites (KOEZ designated areas - virtually pay no state or local taxes through 2020), to many services, many of which the betterment of our communities and assist in job creation and retention. They provide assistance primarily to manufacturing/industrial businesses in securing low interest financing, utilizing various programs and act as informants in issues with governmental agencies. 
Brad Gosser, Executive Director
401 Arlington Dr.
Greenville, PA  16125
Phone: (724) 646-1144
Fax: (724) 646-
Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation
The Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation is a private nonprofit local corporation established to promote the economic well being of the Greenville area and its citizens. The primary purpose of the corporation is to help the development of new business start-ups and assist in the retention of existing businesses. The primary mission is the creation of job opportunities for our residents. 
Jim Lowry, Executive Director
12 N. Diamond St.
Greenville, PA  16125
Phone: (724) 588-1161
Fax: (724) 588-9881
Penn-Northwest Development Corporation
Penn-Northwest Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 private, nonprofit economic development organization serving the Mercer County area. Penn-Northwest Development Corporation’s mission includes the following components:
  1. Attraction of new business and industrial investment
  2. Coordination and provision of loan packaging, marketing support services and low cost financing
  3. Conducts, supports and integrates program and resources
  4. Business Retention and Expansion Program (BREP), provides for or assists in the retention and expansion of the existing, value added, economic base.
Randy Seitz, Chief Executive Officer
24 Avalon Court, Suite 100
Mercer, PA  16137
Phone: (724) 662-3705 Ext. 1581
Fax: (724) 646-0283
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