2017 Chamber Award Nominations

Chamber Business of the Year

Majestic Grille
A staple of downtown business on main street in Greenville since 1920. One of the most common "things to do" for anyone visiting Greenville is to experience a "Magi Dog."

The place has been recently renovated and is beautifully decorated. Even though there's a bar inside, it's a very family friendly place to stop for a good homemade bite to eat and experience a little of "downtown Greenville."

Anytime Fitness
Our local Anytime Fitness has proven itself to be a viable asset to the community. They continue to grow in providing exceptional programs benefiting the health and wellness of the community it serves. The staff and trainers are active within the community and the owner, Corry, is supportive of many local causes.

I think it is great to have a such a highly respected and recognized gym brand locally, and our Anytime Fitness even performs in the highest percentiles nationally. The physical health and wellness of the people within a community is critically important to its vitality. Anytime Fitness energizes the areas people and strengthens them to go and do throughout the week. Greenville is more robust and attractive as a place to live because we have such a great gym that is staffed with excellence.

Osborne-Williams Funeral Home & Cremation Services
Osborne-Williams has been helping families in the Greenville area since 1915; it is a fourth generation business. Steve Williams, president, has earned the highest accreditation in the industry. He continues to learn to assist families in their time of grief.

Steve is past president of the Chamber of Commerce, is a member of Rotary, and is active in Greenville Little League. He volunteers his time for the live broadcasting for GHS baseball and wrestling teams. He always puts the needs of others first.

Kidd's Jewelry
Kidd's Jewelry officially started in October of 1985 in the Greenville Plaza. Prior to that, Allen was selling jewelry on his own while working at CB & I. When the plant closed, Allen opened the store where it's still located today after 33 years. In 2009 unfortunately Allen passed away. His wife, Mary Ellen has remained dedicated to the surrounding area in opting to keep Kidd's Jewelry in our community. Kidd's Jewelry has always supported the local fundraising efforts of many groups, including the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, local sports teams, the Mercer County United Way, just to name a few of the many organizations that they have supported over the years. They take pride in helping to assist the various needs of this community. Kidd's Jewelry is committed to moving forward in growing and strengthening their relationship with their many customers and business associates.They believe that with the area's continued support that this goal will be achieved.

Through their dedication and support of our community, being a retail business and lasting 33 years in one location is a remarkable thing to do in Greenville, PA. Even after Allen passed away in 2009, his wife continued to employ the same people and keep the doors open.They have a great reputation, throughout Mercer County, and of course I buy all of my watches and jewelry from them. Please consider them as the Business of the Year.

The Front Porch Barbershop
With the barbers of the town all coming to retirement age, The Front Porch Barbershop fills the need for a quality, male specialized haircut and shave. After 3 years in business, Bubba has built a strong customer base that has made it easy for him to keep the doors open; in fact so busy that he had to switch to appointment only to control the rush of the walk-ins. In a world of franchised salons, the quality of haircuts and other services has gone down substantially. Though what he offers is nothing new, he is bringing quality back to the industry. He not only provides the community with a high quality service, he has shown commitment to the community through programs like "No-Shave November," a program that raises money for cancer, sponsorship of a community beard club that prides themselves in community service, and ongoing support with community fundraisers and/or causes through donations.

The Front Porch Barbershop is a new business that is thriving in a dead market and makes time to donate to community causes in need, all while showing continued support to other new businesses through social media shout-outs and recommendations. He represents everything a small business should be in our community.

Community Counseling Center
Community Counseling Center has been an asset to the Greenville Community for many years, providing valuable service to those in need. The following outline confirms why I feel consideration should be given to naming Community Counseling Center as the business of the year for 2017.

  • CCC is currently celebrating its 60th Diamond Anniversary of providing behavioral health services to Mercer County area residents. This includes over five decades of impacting lives in the Greenville area. The initial CCC office opened here in the early 1960s.
  • CCC has provided mental health services in Greenville for the past almost six decades and began providing substance abuse services in Greenville in 2006.
  • The Greenville office was open three days per week for many years, but increased service demand necessitated a five days per week schedule of availability, which we have maintained.
  • From 2008 to 2012 CCC experienced a 48% increase in the number of persons seeking treatment at the Greenville office. (2008-308 persons vs. 2012-449 persons). They now serve over 500 individuals at the Greenville office annually. This increase in persons in Greenville translates to more business and restaurant patronage while persons are in the borough for treatment.
  • In 2008, CCC identified the need for a major physical renovation and expansion of the Greenville office. This $300,000 commercial expansion added four additional therapy offices, two group treatment rooms, handicapped accessible restrooms, and an electronic wheelchair lift in addition to window replacement and new siding/shutters to provide a more aesthetically pleasing exterior. This building investment was completed in 2013 and is across from UPMC Horizon.
  • Through 2005, three clinicians worked at the Greenville CCC office. The number of different staff who work at the Greenville office is now 20. This includes three psychiatrists, a nurse, master’s level mental health and substance abuse therapists, clerical and fiscal support staff. More employees also support the local economy.
  • CCC has partnered with the Greenville Area School District to provide mental health treatment services within the school setting if students are unable to attend one of the clinic locations.
  • CCC advertises in the Record Argus and includes the Argus in any newsworthy events conducted by the agency. CCC is grateful for the publicity offered by the thoroughness of their articles.

CCC is constantly implementing innovative evidence-based treatment modalities to improve client outcomes such as Motivational Interviewing and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), which is a therapeutic intervention for young children ages 2-7 who have disruptive behavior disorders. CCC added specialized PCIT offices with a one-way mirror at the Greenville location during the renovation, so that families from northern Mercer County could participate in PCIT services. Other services added include Multidimensional Family Therapy for adolescents who have substance abuse concerns and their families. CCC has also introduced formalized Substance Abuse Intervention services to encourage persons with drug and/or alcohol difficulties to become more amenable to treatment by harnessing the persuasive power of their families and other support systems.

CCC’s psychiatrist conducts Psychiatric Assessments and medication follow-up appointments in Greenville for those clients who are unable to travel to the Hermitage location. CCC has just recently introduced a Telepsychiatry Program to address the local shortage of psychiatrists and to decrease waiting time for individuals to see a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist. The patient is at either the Greenville or Hermitage office while the psychiatrist is in Kentucky!

About 75%-80% of CCC’s clients represent the low to low/moderate income category, so they are truly a service organization for many vulnerable citizens. Many of CCC’s treatment services have saved the lives of the persons who have participated in their own recovery journeys.

Chamber Person of the Year

Stacy McKay Benander
Stacy's passion for Greenville is difficult to rival. She relocated our family and business of 13 years (Athena Study Abroad) back to Greenville to help to be a part of its revitalization. It is a huge commitment to uproot your company and family to move to a smaller town like Greenville, but she did it without hesitation. She wants to set an example for students at the high school and college that Greenville can be a wonderful place to build a family and grow a business. She believes that entrepreneurship is the way of the future revitalization of the town, and thus placed our business right downtown to set that example. She also believes passionately in education and tolerance, and has committed her life to building bridges across cultures through study abroad. We have brought many international guests from overseas to Greenville for meetings, have sent Greenville students overseas on our programs, are currently facilitating internships for multiple Thiel students in our office, and has supported the community through presentations at Kiwanis and Rotary presentations. She served on the Strayhaven Board for years, and gives back regularly to the community through volunteering. She is a wonderful example of the type of person Greenville can create, and one that came back home to pay it forward to the next generations to show them how they too can contribute to the revitalization of Greenville!

Rick Kalchthaler
Rick has always been a strong supporter of Greenville and the events surrounding the area. Following in the footsteps of his father, Rick took ownership of the business and has continued a long standing community presence. He has been a consistent sponsor of the youth of Greenville by contributing to educational and athletic programs at Greenville Areas School District, St. Michael's, Reynolds and Commodore Perry. He has also been a strong supported of Chamber events including Business and Industry Day, The Annual auction and most recently Grapes & Growlers. He has served as past president of the Chamber of Commerce and currently is on the board of directors for St. Paul's and Greenville Reynolds Economic Development Corp. Not only does he support local events, but also prides himself on supporting the local businesses' of Greenville and surrounding areas. He is respected not only by the community but his employees.

Bob Piccirilli
Bob has served on the Chamber and Greenville Area Economic Development Corp. boards for over 25 years. He is very active and supports our community. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Bob is an active board member participating in various committees and championing the organizations in which he serves. He is the current chairperson for the United Way of Mercer County. In addition, he has served on council for Sharpsville for many years.

Lynn Chuey
Lynn has been a team member at St. Paul’s since 1/14/1991. During her years of service Lynn has held several roles. Early on she served as an administrator in personal care and the director of retirement living. The majority of her years have been spent in human resources and for many years she has served as the director and now the Vice President of that department. Lynn has developed a strong human resource team that focuses on strategic staff development. From my perspective, that staff development includes exploring prospects and hiring new staff to the team, monitoring the pulse of high quality wage and benefit packages and securing such packages that benefit the staff, and pursuing opportunities that than enhance the overall quality of staff’s work experience as well as personal support. These opportunities include staff training and personal and professional support resources.

In addition to her work at St. Paul’s, Lynn is very active in the Greenville community. Lynn has been on the Board of Directors of the Greenville, Chamber of Commerce for 14 years. During this time she has sat on multiple committees and worn many different hats to help foster and develop the business community in the Greenville Area. 

One constant about Lynn is that she is personally convicted to uphold strong criteria when hiring new team members. St. Paul’s is known for its culture of caring and commitment to its residents and family members. The quality of St. Paul’s team members is largely due to Lynn and the practices that she and her HR team employ and are commitment to uphold; never willing to compromise hiring practices because its the easier path. HR is often an unsung hero type department. They are behind the scenes and yet produce quality results. I consider Lynn to be a strong leader - one whose leadership and commitment play a vital role in building a strong foundation for our organization and also one whose time and talents often go unnoticed and unrecognized due to the dynamics of the department.

Joe Ribley
I believe Joe should be recognized for his continued dedication to the community. He continues to give generously and often anonymously. He also contributes to many services organizations in-kind and is giving of his time by participating in local committees and events. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and now provides a variety of services to the area.

Casey Shilling
Casey is always working hard to not only grow his own business, but the businesses all over the Greenville area. He actively works with other businesses to collaborate on package deals and is always generous with gifts to benefit other businesses and people in the community.

Service Organization of the Year

Good Shepherd Center
The Good Shepard Center recently celebrated their silver anniversary having served individuals in our community since 1991 (1991-2016). The Center has served and blessed thousands of people in need through their hot meals program, rent and utility assistance program, free medical clinic and other other programs. Hundreds of volunteers from 25 board member churches have handled thousands of bags of food and clothing through the past 25 years. In the past year, the Good Shepherd Center purchased a new building at 10 N. Water Street. After being forced to leave their previous Main Street location due to the structural deterioration of the adjoining Moss Building. The Good Shepherd Center was originally formed to provide food for the needy, but has now developed into something far greater than what was initially thought possible. 

Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation
Listed below are programs and what PHNCF has supported in Greenville and its surrounding area.

  • Direct Relief: The Foundation has supported 125 families in need with nonprescription supplies to those who are uninsured or under served in Greenville and surrounding communities.  
  • EITC Scholarships: St. Michael’s School (2 Families) totaling $6,000
  • Reaching For Success Workshops proving young adults with the tools they need to succeed in their future. Focusing on high school students teaching them the necessary skills they will need after graduation, such as college preparation, resume building and financial planning.
  • Caring For Our Neighbors: $2,500 in Prescription Assistance for 5 families in Greenville Area who are in need of assistance for life-sustaining medications.
  • Sponsorships/Donations: Totaling $14,000 Some examples of sponsorships or donations include:
    • American Cancer Relay for Life
    • B&I Golf Classic
    • Greenville Chamber Grapes and Growlers
    • Greenville & Transfer Fire Departments
    • Pink Angles Foundation
    • Greenville and surrounding schools' student programs
    • United Way/Greenville Chamber Annual Auction
    • UPMC Horizon Foundation
    • Walberg-Steelers Charity Games
    • Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital-Walk A Thon for a child that resides in the Greenville area.
    • Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Xi-Epsilon Chapter-See-Saw-A-Thon Thiel College Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign, which provides donations to veterans and veteran-support organizations throughout the country)
  • Transportation Services: Over 200 residents from Greenville area to Primary Health Network facilities or other referred medical facilities within Mercer and Lawrence Counties. 

Greenville Moose Family Center #276
Greenville Moose Family Center #276 celebrated its 107th birthday in Greenville on June 16, 2017. We wanted to express our appreciation to our members for their support of our philanthropic endeavors. You may wonder why we chose the name Moose. The Moose is a large animal that is not a predator but cares for its young and old and that is what we are all about. Mooseheart, our Child City & School, on a 1000 acre campus, is located 40 miles west of Chicago where we care for children and teens in need, and Moosehaven, a 70 acre retirement community near Jacksonville, F, where we care for our seniors. We also aim to be the Heart of the Community in which we reside and support. One of our programs is called Tommy Moose. Tommy Moose aids in helping children overcome fears and anxiety during times of stress. Donated to law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency rooms and other emergency workers, Tommy Moose plush dolls are presented to children in various traumatic situations. Another program is our Youth Awareness Program. We take high school students to a training conference where they learn to come back to their community and teach four- to nine-year-olds about good living habits. The high school students are competing for scholarships worth up to $12,000. 

This past year we have focused on increasing our membership by offering our Community Heroes free membership in our fraternity. We consider Active Military/First Responders as Community Heroes. So far this year we have recruited 77 new members with this program. All of the new members are enthusiastic about our endeavors in a recent program; we cooperated with the Fraternal Order of Police and the Fire Department in collecting supplies to send to people in Florida impacted by Hurricane Irma. We also have focused on many national charities such as Special Olympics North America, and Safe Surfing USA Foundation. In addition to the above, we support our local communities in Mercer County and beyond. We work very hard on being the Heart of the Community. At the close of our last fiscal year we had donated $87,871 for the year from our members’ generosity.

  • Mooseheart and Moosehaven Charities received $15,348.
  • Special Olympics North America received $1,500.
  • Safe Surfing USA Foundation received $1,000
  • Local Children’s needs received $2,400.
  • Local Schools and Youth Clubs received $14,585.
  • Community Support received $26,347.
  • Scholarship funds received $7,650.
  • Medical Research received $ 4,850
  • Local families in Distress received $14,191.

With state and federal government cut backs, our communities have come to depend on us. We are so fortunate and blessed to live in such a caring and compassionate community. Fortunate too, that there is a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the work of supporting the Moose’s philanthropic endeavors.