Kindness Kampaign

Pay It Forward Challenge 2014

The Kindness Kampaign exists to lead an unending campaign that promotes random acts of kindness, while expecting nothing in return. This year the Kindness Kampaign will be hosting a Pay It Forward Challenge. The prize will be two $500 grants. This will be awarded to two students so that they may "pay it forward" through a charity or service project of their choice. The winner will be chosen through a secret panel of judges based on an essay or video they submit on the given prompt.


"We change the world a little each day with our kindness." -Tom Gioquinto

If you were to receive the Kindness Kampaign Pay It Forward award, how would you use it to better this world?

-What charity would you donate to and why?


-How would you use it to complete a service project?


-What:  Pay It Forward Challenge with $500 grant prize

-How Can I Get Involved: Submit a 1 minute or less video or a 1 page essay on the given prompt

-Who: Anyone in 6th grade through seniors in college

-Where do I submit my entry?

  -Facebook: Kindness Kampaign page


  -Mail: 60 Chambers Avenue, Greenville, PA 16125

-Deadline: December 1st