Trustworthiness as a Trait in Leadership

Simon Sinek has spoken at length about leadership, showing the complex effects is has on our workplaces, even through pointing to biological traits from the chemicals that are produces from difference experiences we may have in our workplace environment... listen to his Ted Talk here.  Trustworthiness plays a profound role in a persons legitimate ability of becoming a respected and successful leader. The following 99U article offers a look at trustworthiness in leaders... my only suggestion is that instead of looking at is as a skill, as the article suggests, look at trustworthiness as a character trait... a quality we all should strive for. 

"What makes a great leader? You are probably thinking it’s something buzzword-worthy like confidence.  Or maybe vision.  Or emotional intelligence—you hear about that one all the time.  For sure, those are all good qualities for a leader to have, but the answer is actually trustworthiness. Technically, it’s not just being trustworthy that is key, but being seen as trustworthy."

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