Member Featured in National Magazine!

Enterprising Women: Jan Hurlbert

Our local hardware store, Hurlbert Hardware, has been a source of pride for our small business community for decades and the owner, Jan, has recently been recognized through a very nice article published by The Anvil (a magazine by Bostwick-Braun). We couldn't be more excited for her recognition and thank her for her dedication to great customer service and building a brand that we can trust in our community! 

She also has some very nice things to say about her Chamber of Commerce!

"An active member of the Chamber of Commerce in her town of 15,000, Hurlbert says that she had to work hard to get where she is today. 'It takes a long time,' she says. Meeting a variety of people in a networking organization such as the Chamber is 'absolutely vital' to success. 'You have to be on the fringes and work really, really hard.'"

Check out the article below.