5 Things for 2015

Great Things for 2015

We are committed to bringing the best value to your membership. Not only do you strengthen our business community and enhance our standard of living, but your membership builds on what we are able to offer you in terms of services. We are excited that you will be joining us for another great year and there are certainly things to look forward to. Here are 5 tips for membership in 2015. And as always, a chamber is only as strong as its members. We encourage your participation this year!

1. Add A Perk This Year

    One of the ways local businesses can benefit from chamber membership is through accessing special perks only offered to other members. If you have never participated in this way, this is the year to do it! If you have an existing perk, maybe it is time for a change.

2. Share Your Good News

     Include new and exciting things that are happening with your business in the e-Newsletters. We love hearing about the accomplishments of our members! It will also be shared on our Facebook page: Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, PA

3. Spread The Word 

     Market your events by using your FREE 6 e-Blasts this year. When you send your event information, it will also be added to our events page on our website.

4. Look For New Added Value

     Last year we upgraded our Annual Dinner event, B&I Day Golf outing, did even more this year with Small Business Saturday, brought you better information on our e-Newsletters and started adding video relevancy with our Business Next Door series (which we are continuing to improve upon). This year we are looking to introduce a Small Business Growth Series (a group of educational seminars) and launch an Enhanced Membership Program. Look for additional information in the coming months; we are excited about these additions!

5. Set Up An Appointment To Meet

      It is the goal of both Fred Kiser and Ben Beck to visit chamber members more frequently. We want to continue to educate ourselves on who we represent and work with you on how to best engage with the chamber. Help us out by setting up an appointment.