"Promoting the economic well being of the Greenville Area and its citizens."

That is the important take away from the Greenville Area Economic Development Corporations mission statement. This brief article serves to share what is happening at our local economic entity.

GAEDC has been focusing much of its attention lately to the building of a hotel. Jim Lowry says, "its been talked about for decades." Last year a feasibility study was completed and what it showed was promising. Greenville could clearly support a 60+ unit hotel with visitors coming from business related stays to families and alumni of our local college.  Many of our visitors right now are staying elsewhere in Mercer County. It looks like the hotel project is 80% complete (much of which included securing local investors). A site has been picked, but the permitting will determine securing the proposed placement. 

The corporation has been developing a great partnership with the Greenville Reynolds Development Corporation over the past few years as well, with Marcegaglia (the old Damascus site) nearing acquisition. The two entities have been working on this deal for some time and once complete, remediation will begin to bring it up to an ACT 2 clearance from the state. The site already has a development client expressing interest in the site for expanding their business. Additionally, the GAEDC and GRDC have been exploring a joint venture in building a multi-tenant facility within the development park. 

The Trinity site continues to be a point of curiosity within the community. The GAEDC maintains monitoring of the remediation progress of the North and South plants. They also continue to work with Trinity in identifying the best use for the properties. As the community eagerly awaits, I, your chamber office manager, would like to remind you, our community reader, that good things come to those who wait (insert winking emoticon).

As a current tenant at the chamber offices, the GAEDC, GACC, GUSBDC as well as our newest addition, Heather Maurer with Representative Mark Longietti's office, continues to work well in cooperation as each entity can benefit and strengthen each other without duplicating services. 

The GAEDC welcomes new board members this year: Chris Wright (St. Pauls) and Brad Rutledge (Pennex). 

Have more questions? Feel free to stop by the office anytime and Jim Lowry or myself would be happy to assist you!