Turning A Negative Into A Postive

After just finding out this morning in the  Record Argus about the possibility of Main Street closing due to the lack of structural integrity of the old N.N. MOSS Co. building, it came as quick a shock that this very day it would indeed be closed.

Downtown closed to traffic.

At the chamber we see a lot of traffic downtown... A LOT of traffic. Trucks and cars zoom by... everyday and throughout most of the day.   What will this mean for our downtown businesses? How will this effect traffic? How long will this last? A few questions have started to be raised and I am sure some answers will be coming shortly, but let me offer a suggestion of what to do with this unfortunate circumstance.


Let's fill downtown with pedestrians! The road is closed, let's fill it with shoppers, let's turn it into a positive and hold a festival! Seriously though, let's enjoy the lack of heavy truck traffic downtown and let our commerce spill out into the street and show we are able to take whatever comes our way! Who's in?