What is a Chamber of Commerce

The term “chamber of commerce” is a widely known organization that is associated with business.  But really what does this organization do? The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives defines this phrase as “an organization of businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, region, state or nation.” (acce.org).

The chamber of commerce is the major support system of community businesses, bringing all types of industry together to achieve a common goal.  Having large and small businesses working together to improve the region is what provides not only strength to the commerce of the Greenville area, but it is what makes communities stay strong and grow.  The more members the Chamber has, the better we can represent the business community.  We accomplish collectively what no business could do alone.

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce relies upon its members to participate and make the community stronger.  Through events, seminars, and community gatherings the chamber offers so many different opportunities for individuals and businesses to meet new people and improve their networks.  The wide variety of events, when taken advantage of, can greatly improve your business and open you to opportunities that are only available with your participation in this chamber.  The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is promoting businesses throughout the region, it is you who must decide if you want to join and reap the benefits or watch from the sidelines.