PA Sunshine Law

Sunshine laws, also known as open-meeting laws or public-records laws, support government transparency and accountability, allowing citizens to know what goes on when government officials transact public business. As the majority of county municipalities, the Borough of Greenville holds a council work session and a regular council meeting, and both of these meetings are open to the public. Regular council meetings are held the second Monday of the month with the work session held the previous Thursday. 

According to the law, advance notice of the meetings must be given. The Record Argus publishes meeting dates on the bottom left corner of the front page. The Borough also posts the dates on their web page under the "Borough Information" tab. There is a link on the home page that directs users to a portal containing agendas and minutes from previous meetings as well as other public documents.

An important differentiating note here is that deliberation surrounding motions occurs during work sessions, and the actual vote happens at the regular council meetings. Public comments are heard at the beginning of the meeting and then again at the end of the meeting. However, any comments given at the end of the meeting must pertain to agenda items discussed during the meeting. If you are attending a regular council meeting and want to voice a concern, visitors have the floor during the beginning of the meeting and are each given five minutes to speak.

Local government is for everyone. Local government is responsible to its citizens, and they want to make sound decisions regarding community needs and the best use of resources to create a sustainable community.