2019 Director's Message

Anyone who has had a child who played a sport (or played themselves), knows the value of teamwork. It takes the whole team to effectively move the ball toward the goal. We can apply the same principles used to create a cohesive team to our community. Although we are individuals, we have to be able to complement each other to accomplish a common goal. An effective team pulls together the skills, experiences, and knowledge of a diverse group of people to achieve great things. What does it take to create a great team?

All the members of a team must be fully committed and devote a reasonable amount of time and energy to achieving the team's goals. Each member must be able to trust that all other team members are doing the same. Mistrust can lead to petty squabbles.

Team members must have open, honest communication. They must never be hesitant to communicate with other members about issues and concerns, as well as new ideas or personal observations.

Bringing together people with common skill-sets typically leads to lots of discussion with little subsequent actions. Ensuring that each team member possesses a unique specialty allows the team to trust each other for certain aspects of achieving the goal, while fully understanding what their own contribution is expected to be.

Team members should be able to rally together and meet new challenges head-on, rather than splintering into ideological factions or banding together to resist change. Change is unavoidable, and the most effective teams have the ability to roll with the punches and change the way they work together on the fly.

By working together as a team following these basic principles, we can develop and achieve the goals that will advance Greenville forward.