Welcome to Main Street

I came across interesting reading from the National Trust Main Street Center from their Promotion Handbook. I want to share this excerpt with our readers.

“Most traditional commercial districts will never again be able to provide the range of goods and services they offered 20 or 30 years ago. To support the rehabilitation and maintenance of downtown commercial areas in today’s market, we must aggressively expand Main Street’s business mix—and market area.

■ Main Street is not “city hall’s responsibility” and yet our “Mom & Pop” business owners can’t do it alone. A collaborative effort, combining the unique skills and vantage points of both public and private sectors, is essential.

■ Main Street’s renewal doesn't happen overnight; it’s a gradual process that begins with small steps, eventually building our capacity to tackle larger, more complicated revitalization projects and problems. “Big fix,” overnight solutions to downtown revitalization almost always fail.

■ Traditional commercial districts, like shopping malls, require full-time, professional management.

Main Street is more than an economic asset. It is also a community’s crossroad, a place in our hearts and minds that evokes strong emotions and helps. Clearly, Main Street needs an ally, an advocate, a leader...and that’s where you come in.”

The Chamber hopes to form a DownTown Promotions Committee that members will lead in projects and activities and set achievable goals to revitalize the downtown area. Contact the chamber if you’re interested in joining this movement.