Heritage Days Needs You!

The Heritage Days Committee is in the final stretch of planning for the 12th annual event held in Riverside Park. New this year is Knockerball, which are inflatable wearable balls that allow people to slam into each other. People wear them to play games that include knocker soccer, last man standing, and musical chairs.

Heritage Days will also feature the inflatable rides that attract kids each year. The committee still needs volunteers to help with the rides. They need to cover five rides for nine hours. Yes, the company can provide this service - with a cost. Committee Chair Jean Carr estimates this cost to be between $2,000 and $3,000.

Organizers are also looking for non-profit groups to sell concessions during the movie on Friday night (July 5). All they ask is that a portion of the proceeds be donated back to the committee.

Heritage Days Committee will meet every Tuesday at 6 pm in the Chamber’s conference room. All are welcome to attend.

Newsletter/Blog Sponsor

Newsletter/Blog Sponsor

Giving Trees Return to Greenville

Greenville Giving Trees have returned to Central Park and are  
currently in need of donations.

Established in 2017 by Holly Patterson and her children, Catherine,  
Joshua and Brianna, the Giving Trees are set up for anyone who is  
walking through town to grab a dry hat, scarf or gloves/mittens to  
keep out the cold. Seeing it for themselves, the Pattersons started  
the idea to make sure that even the little thing like a dry pair of  
gloves can make a difference for someone who is cold.

Items, including new or gently used but clean hats, gloves, mittens,  
headbands, scarves and socks are needed to fill the trees. Donation  
boxes have been set up at a number of locations including the Chamber  
office, Steph's, Family Video, The Record-Argus lobby, Care-Fill  
Pharmacy and the Greenville Fire Station.

If you are unable to make a purchase of items and put them onto the  
trees, monetary donations will also be used to purchase items to keep  
the trees filled as long as they are up.

For information, call or text Holly at 724-651-2951.


Main Street RR Crossing Work

Beginning on May 17, work begins on the railroad crossing in Greenville. The affected intersection is near Sheetz at the Clinton, Plum and Main Streets intersection.

Crews will be making their way south along the 40 mile Meadville line to the Shenango Valley. Norfolk-Southern stated, "Length of closure [at various road intersections] will be dependent on track time and/or equipment or weather-realated issues."

The commercial detour for Main Street from the west is state Route 18 N to state Route 285 to US Route 19. Sidewalks are also closed; however, during the work day, work crews will assist those walking to cross the tracks.

Crossings detours to include:

  • KO Road
  • Countyline Road
  • Calvin Road
  • Kennard Road
  • Riley Road
  • Werner Road
  • Williamson Road
  • Main Street
  • Plum Street
  • Clinton Street



PA Sunshine Law

Sunshine laws, also known as open-meeting laws or public-records laws, support government transparency and accountability, allowing citizens to know what goes on when government officials transact public business. As the majority of county municipalities, the Borough of Greenville holds a council work session and a regular council meeting, and both of these meetings are open to the public. Regular council meetings are held the second Monday of the month with the work session held the previous Thursday. 

According to the law, advance notice of the meetings must be given. The Record Argus publishes meeting dates on the bottom left corner of the front page. The Borough also posts the dates on their web page under the "Borough Information" tab. There is a link on the home page that directs users to a portal containing agendas and minutes from previous meetings as well as other public documents.

An important differentiating note here is that deliberation surrounding motions occurs during work sessions, and the actual vote happens at the regular council meetings. Public comments are heard at the beginning of the meeting and then again at the end of the meeting. However, any comments given at the end of the meeting must pertain to agenda items discussed during the meeting. If you are attending a regular council meeting and want to voice a concern, visitors have the floor during the beginning of the meeting and are each given five minutes to speak.

Local government is for everyone. Local government is responsible to its citizens, and they want to make sound decisions regarding community needs and the best use of resources to create a sustainable community.

Scarecrows on Main 2015 Winners!

Thank you to all of the 2015 Scarecrows on Main participants. As always, it was very difficult for our judges to pick out the winners this year, but tough choices were made and the winners are as follows:

Business Category

  • 1st Place - Cianci's Motel (Mad Hatter Mark)

  • 2nd Place - Valley Eye Center ("Eye" Doctor)

  • 3rd Place - Dr. Kevin Smith (Granny Wolf)


Family & Non-Profit Category

  • 1st Place - Keystone Female Services (Supporting Greenville's Future)

  • 2nd Place - Greenville Area Public Library (There Was An Old Lady)

  • 3rd Place - Keystone Transitional Living Male - (Bob The Builder)

The Cycle At Work, But Let's Keep It Going

Over a year ago now there was a group of chamber members and concerned small business owners who came together to talk about what it means to do business in a small community. These business owners are some of the most generous people this area has to offer, always giving to important causes and supporting local sports teams or other youth oriented activities.

There is a cycle that is supposed to work.

business cycle.jpg

Many of these businesses were starting to notice a dangerous shift in mindset that was throwing off the cycle that is supposed to work.  This cycle is so dependent on all the parts to work that it is difficult to pick which part to start with, since all of them are equally important. Let's just start with Building A Better Community.  This first step, is really an ongoing goal, the idea that keeps the cycle turning. It's what should prompt the community to act and should be a conscious business decision. In this cycle Building A Better Community directs the community in supporting local businesses. These businesses are what make our community unique and they notoriously keep local dollars spent local.  With the action of the Community Supporting Local Business we start to see Local Small Businesses Succeed. They may be able to employ more people or they might be able to improve local infrastructure through repairs made to their building. But ultimately Local Small Business Success should lead to those Businesses Generously giving to their community. The cycle can grow and blossom and have profound impacts. 

But does this happen here?

With the Main Street closed many of our small businesses that occupy our downtown are feeling the pinch. Sales are down, way down. Joe & Jenn of Padrone's Pizza & Pub have a business downtown that has been greatly effected. They have, however, also experienced something tremendous during this difficult time: the cycle at work.  Some of their best customers have reached out and have showed up during this time of need. A local patron recently came and bought hundreds in gift cards to give to co-workers this Christmas and decided to all bless the hard-hit serve staff and bar tenders by leaving a hefty tip. Even a local "Big Bad Corporation" ordered a large number of pizzas to feed their staff, saying something along the lines of, "you guys have always been good to us and we want to help you out." This is community at work, this is the cycle making its way around to complete the circle. Joe and Jenn believe the out pouring from their patrons and from the community can be attributed to their efforts of supporting the community over the past 10 years they have been in business in Greenville, PA. 

Recently in a meeting with other downtown businesses, Joe mentioned the need of addressing the community in starting local. Unknowingly, what Joe is proposing is the very thing those businesses first mentioned were working on. We are having our "for such a time as this" moment. 

It's time to launch our START HERE campaign.  A couple of points to get the ball rolling:

  •  It's about educating both businesses and community with the hopes of creating good locally minded habits.
  • We understand that our local small businesses do not have everything and will not meet all of your needs, but the idea behind it is in the name, we should at least "Start Here". Start local and get what you can from your small businesses... make that part of your routine.
  • There are many reasons why Buying Local Matters. Keep an eye out for campaign materials sharing those points. They will be on posters, post cards, and businesses cards for you to keep in your wallet as a reminder.

There is work to do.

Creating habits like starting local before your go some where else is not easy. It is sometimes changing years and years of "convenience" excuses and apathy. But why don't we start finally? So let's start here. 

Keep supporting your downtown businesses who are hurting right now. Let's make a concerted effort to keep them alive, especially those who have demonstrated their part in the cycle: Business Generosity -> Building A Better Community

It's Happening

We need you! It's time! It's happening!

If you are interested in helping make the Road Block Bashes a success, please join us for a special meeting at the Chamber of Commerce today, Wednesday, September 9th at 5pm to discuss how we can make the most of these events! We need people who both have great ideas and who are doers!! There is also a Greenville Downtown Business Association meeting at Steph's Corner Pub & Grille on Monday, September 14th at 8:30am to plan for the events as well. We hope that you will come out and join us in making the most of this road closure and are excited for the opportunity to make this happen!

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It takes a community...

Most residents probably don't realize the partnership that is needed for our beautiful downtown-scape to be adorned with hanging baskets of flowers. These welcoming bouquets placed along main street have four major organizations working together to make it happen. It first starts with the local group SPIGOT (Show Pride In Greenville Our Town), a small team of locals dedicated to using their gardening talents to benefit the community. They are the facilitators and organizers of "operation: hanging baskets". Next, the borough is needed to hold up their end of the deal, namely our hard working street department guys have to make sure all of the brackets that hold up the hanging plants are tightly secured and replacing any that need replaced. When the time is right, the baskets are ordered and are hung with the help of the street department. Next we move on to the maintenance of these plants. Left for a week with out water, we would have an ugly picture painted for any visitor to our downtown. The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is the next partner needed as it houses the water buffalo that is used to keep these plants from drying out in the heat. Lastly, we have the help of Keystone Charter School showing the importance of volunteerism and setting the example by coming out several times a week to take that water buffalo around and water the plants. Who knew! And  just to have hanging baskets downtown! So take notice to the small things and the good things. Thank those who are committed to the work necessary to make this area a better place and find ways you can help out!

It really does take a community, the whole community, to keep us on the course for that #1 spot on the list of Best Towns in Pennsylvania (thank you Record Argus for that encouraging yet still very realistic article in Wednesday's paper). We do have room to grow, so don't give up! It's not easy, but keep going! When you are ready to throw in the towel, look for that other person or group who is willing to come along side you and make it happen! Thank you to all of our community partners who are working to make the Greenville area a great place to live, work and recreate! 

Tomorrow! Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a national campaign to support small businesses within our communities. We encourage you to participate, buy shopping small on Saturday, November 29th. Check out some of the special offers that will be included in our giveaway "Shop Small" canvas tote bags!  Specials from: Anytime Fitness, 1spa, Anderson Coach & Travel, Scott's Furniture, No Place Like Home, Jamestown & Reynolds Pharmacies, Carried Away Recreation, The Bent Fork, Reeves Information Technology, The Record Argus, Sans MOCO Gallery & Atelier

We invite our community to start local, start small. Supporting your local businesses fosters a stronger community at large.  Consider starting small before you take your spending outside of our community or to the web. We know that our local businesses may not have everything that you are looking for, but we ask that your first step would be to find what you can here.  When your local businesses grow, your community grows.

Small Business Saturday is November 29th, 2014 

The First 250 People to stop into the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce 182 Main Street on the 29th between 9am and 11am receive a FREE canvas Shop Small Tote with exclusive coupons and specials offered by our local small businesses.

 Turn in a current dated receipt from a local small  business from now until December 5th during our office hours of M-F 8am—4:30pm for a chance to win great prizes!

(winners will be drawn on Saturday, December 6th…entries are limited to 5 per person)


Special Offers on Small Business Saturday!

Community Proud Businesses

Small, Local Business support community - Community support your local small businesses!

"Making a commitment to shop local is the only way to help Greenville businesses stay in business." - Lin's Tresses & Treasures

The following are members recently featured in the Record Argus who are Community Proud!

Bowen Chiropractic Center

Greenville natives, Chiropractor Jordan Bowen, DC and his assistant Nancy Szewczyk of Bowen Chiropractic Center are proud to be able to treat patients in the community. Greenville is a very friendly hometown and deserves the very best care. Bowen Chiropractic Center prides itself on providing this excellent and friendly care. Using many techniques including low force techniques, treatments are very pleasant and long lasting. Many insurances are accepted. If there are any questions feel free to check out the website at www.bowenchirocenter.com or call us at 724-588-3128! Now accepting New Patients!

Greenville Savings Bank

For more than 100 years Greenville Savings has remained locally directed and managed. We continue to thrive and experience significant growth thanks to the trust and support from the citizens of the communities we serve. Our friendly and helpful staff invites you to visit one of our three locations in Greenville, Hermitage or Neshannock and discover what makes us "Your Hometown Financial Institution since 1911".

Jamestown & Reynolds Pharmacies (Your Local Walberg Family Pharmacies)

Hello, we are Bretton and Stacey Walberg, Greenville residents and owners of a small group of independent pharmacies which we call Walberg Family Pharmacies. We are proud to offer the guaranteed lowest Rx prices, a short wait time, excellent customer service, free delivery, a great selection of home medical equipment and our exclusive, free Care-Fill(tm) custom medication packaging service. We are committed to the highest standards of patient health and customer service and we were honored to have our Jamestown store selected as Pharmacy of the Year for the North East Region! Come check us out - you'll find we offer all the benefits of a national chain AND more!

Keystone Vinyl

Your home is your biggest asset, replacing windows, doors, siding and gutters is a major expense. You do not have the time to weed through all of the too good to be true advertising. If this sounds like you, come to Keystone Vinyl Inc., where we offer personalized service, extensive product knowledge and no pressure sales. We will match quality, made in the USA, products to meet your budget and expectations. I'm Jim Stratton and I look forward to working with you. Visit us at our new website at www.keystonevinyl.net

Lin's Tresses & Treasures

Making a commitment to shop local is the only way to help Greenville businesses stay in business. The staff at Lin's Tresses & Treasures is totally committed to accommodating the schedules and needs of our clients. Let Lin and the girls make you look your very best and help you fall in love with fashion! Thanks for your support.

Reeves Information Technology

Greenville is a great place to live, work and play! David and Lori Reeves of Reeves Information Technology enjoy offering their computer technology services to our friends and neighbors here in Greenville and the surrounding community. At RIT, it's our pleasure to serve and grow in a small town. Allow our friendly, local company to serve you!

The Medicine Shoppe

Hello, we are Rhonda and Joe Yarzab, owners of The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy entering our 26th year servicing Greenville and the surrounding communities. Stop in and experience The Medicine Shoppe difference where we treat you like family. Can't find an OTC item you want, we can, and will keep it in stock especially for you. Take advantage of our many cervices, diabetic shoes, immunizations, or our Dispill individualized prescription packaging system, and specialized compounds prepared for you by our highly trained pharmacists. We also offer free local delivery when you are feeling under the weather or when the weather is keeping you in. So stop in, meet our friendly staff and give us a chance to earn your business, you will be glad you did!