Starting a Business 

If you are planning to start or expand a business in Pennsylvania, we can help. You will need information on state licenses and taxes, federal requirements, employee protections and building inspections. Below is information on where you can go to get started.

Entrepreneur's Guide: 

Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania (compliments of Representative Parke Wentling and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania): This guide may be obtained from the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce or go to under Business Assistance/Entrepreneur Guide.

The Gannon Small Business Development Center (SBDC): 

Professionals work confidentially with entrepreneurs in Erie, Crawford, Mercer and Warren countries to help businesses maintain a competitive edge. The consultants can help new or existing business owners set goals, develop new products and services, gather sophisticated information about a specific industry or find new global markets. The Gannon SBDC consultants have many areas of expertise that include financial, marketing, international and environmental. These services are provided at no charge.

SBDC Contact:

Jill Newcomer, MBA

Business Consultant - Mercer County

Small Business Development Center

182 Main Street, Suite A

Greenville, PA 16125  

(724) 300-1481 

(724) 588-2013 (F)

Economic Development/Business Relocation

Small Manufacturer or Start-up Company/Industrial and Warehouse Spaces and Sites

Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation

Ellen Pardee, Executive Director

301 Arlington Drive

Greenville PA, 16125

(724) 588-1161 

The Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation (GAEDC) has space at the 12 North Diamond Street incubator or the facility located on Third Street in the Greenville-Reynolds Industrial Development Park. GAEDC can also assist you in starting your own business.

Greenville-Reynolds Development Corporation

Brad Gosser, Executive Director

301 Arlington Drive

Greenville PA, 16125

(724) 646-1144

Greenville-Reynolds Development Corporation is primarily responsible for industrial and warehousing space and sites in the northern Mercer County area and typically has space available ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 square feet and often is aware of larger square footage facilities. They also have industrial land sites available ranging from 3 acres up to 200 continuous acres of which much is designated as KOEZ (Keystone Opportunity Enterprise Zone) which equates to businesses operating in a KOEZ designated area paying virtually no state or local taxes through calendar year 2020. The corporation also has a limited number of residential lots available for sale.

Penn-Northwest Development Corporation

Randy Seitz, Executive Director

39 Chestnut Street

Sharon, PA 16146

(724) 662-3705 ext. 1581

Commercial or Retail Space

Call or write the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce for information on current available property. We will provide you with information on property in Hempfield Township and in the Borough of Greenville.

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

182 Main Street

Greenville PA, 16125

(724) 588-7150