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2018 Business of the Year Nominations Closed

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for Business of the Year to be announced at the Annual Dinner in November. Would you give some consideration to whom our Business of the Year should be? Nominees must be a member of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce and not a previous recipient.

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This form must be completed and submitted to the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce by Wednesday, October 17, 2018. For more information, contact the chamber office at 724.588.7150

You can also download a form here

Past Businesses of the Year

2002 - Thiel College

2003 - St. Paul's

2004 - UPMC Horizon

2005 - Hodge Foundry

2006 - Keystone Charter School

2007 - The Record Argus

2008 - Life Force of Western PA

2009 - Reeves Information Technology

2010 - Walberg Family Pharmacies

2011 - Greenville Savings Bank

2012 - Anderson Coach and Travel

2013 - Bail USA

2014 - Carried Away Recreation

2015 - Greenville Neuromodulation Center

2016 - Hurlbert Hardware

2017 - Osborne-Williams Funeral Home & Cremation Services