• Frequency

If your membership level includes any number of FREE Chamber Monday email promotions, it is best to use them in a more spread out fashion then all at once for one campaign/special offer/event. A more frequent (multiple emails a week) may be appropriate for a directly captured audience (customers of yours that have signed up to receive emails). However, such frequency with a non-directly captured audience (your fellow chamber members) will significantly impact your open rate and may very well lead to unsubscribing. 

  • Schedule

In an attempt to reduce the number of "unsubscriptions" and increase the open rate, the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce sends email promotions at least bi-monthly. On the second and fourth Monday of every month, our subscribers will be receiving one email containing the all content. Please plan accordingly when submitting your information! The Chamber uses its discretion to add additional Monday email promotions throughout the month.

  • K.I.S.S. Rule

Our office works to maintain clear and concise messages. As we design our e-Blasts on MailChimp, we will use both a small image that represents your event/special/announcement along with a short message with a link to either a pdf image that you have provided or to an event page that has been created specifically for your event. To help us in this, if you would like, you can provide a short one to two sentence message to go along with your promotional content, otherwise we will include a generic input of the event title and location/date along with a link to find out more information. 

  • Other Digital Marketing Efforts

E-Newsletter, Chamber Link
Our E-Newsletter is published the first Wednesday of every month. Deadline for submissions is the Friday prior to the publishing date. The E-Newsletter content from members is much different than Monday promotions content. For the E-Newsletter, we look for special announcements (e.g., relocation, new hours of operation, new hires, expansions, programs, etc.) and announcements of achievements. Some submissions may be selected for an extended article, which is then published to our website as well.

Social Media
We do post events (at request) via our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also like to share some posts that originated from members. Our social media reach varies on the content, anywhere from 100 to 3,000 reached audience. The more engaging the content, the better it performs.