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2018 Service/Non-profit Organization of the Year Nominations Closed

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for Service Organization of the Year to be announced at the Annual Dinner in November. Would you give some consideration to whom the Service Organization of the Year should be? The guidelines for selection are as follows:

  • Must be a member of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Exemplify dedication to the community and the clients it serves

  • Mission is consistent with improving the overall quality of the community

  • Not a past recipient

Please elaborate on your reasons for nominating the service organization you feel is worthy of this award.

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This form must be completed and submitted to the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce by Wednesday, October 17, 2018. For more information, contact the chamber office at 724.588.7150

Past Service Organizations of the Year

You can also download a form here:

2011 - Greenville Moose Family Center #276

2012 - Greenville Elks Lodge #145

2014 - His Work His Way (Downtown Ministries, Inc.)

2015 - Greenville Rotary Club

2016 - Bethel Life Worship Center

2017 - The Good Shepherd Center