Healthcare Services & Facilities

The Greenville area is served by some of the finest hospitals, pharmacies, rehabilitation facilities, home health providers, and family and specialty physician practices in the region. Social and human service organizations perform their unique and all-important missions, and municipal and private emergency services respond quickly and compassionately in times of greatest need.


Bost, Thomas L.,D.M.D. 724.588.3012

Cano Asthma & Allergy 888.588.7531

Centers for Rehab Services 724.588.3001

Edgewood Surgical Hospital 724.646.0400

Greenville Medical Center, Inc. 724.588.4240

Greenville Orthopedic Center 724.588.7250

Jurenovich, Dr. Michael J., DO 724.588.4805

Kytchak Chiropractic Center 724.588.7550

Manganello, Dr. John, D.M.D. 724.588.3012

McConnell Specific Chiropractic 724.588.8880

Mong, Eric T., D.D.S. 724.588.8910

Mt Hempfield Chiropractic 724.588.1044

Rite Aid 724.588.3398

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Senior Living

Greenville is a wonderful area to spend your golden years. In addition to a relaxed pace and welcoming atmosphere, we are blessed with skilled and high quality retirement homes, independent living communities, personal care and assisted living facilities.


Avalon Springs Nursing Center (Mercer) 724.662.5400
Countryside (Mercer) 724.662.5860
The Grove of Greenville 724.588.8090

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Wellness & Fitness

Completing the continuum of healthy living opportunities in Greenville are the Chamber members who offer various wellness and personal fitness options to suit people of all ages, lifestyles and interests. The members listed here provide services such as health assessments, personal training, group exercise classes, weight training, cardio, and corporate wellness programs.